One Room Challenge – Week 7 – Moody Teal Bedroom Reveal

Holy goodness! We made it to the end of the One Room Challenge It has been an interesting 7 weeks but, let me tell you, (as I cuddle my new fluffy pillows and stare adoringly at my teal wall), it has been totally worth it!!! I am so so happy that I finally finished the room that I spend 8+ hours a day in, but never got around to working on.

Just a reminder where we started:

Annnnd now:

The long white dresser made the biggest difference on that side of the room since instead of having a tall dark dresser and tv taking up the majority of the space, the low bright one has allowed for so much more visual (as well as storage) space.

The Urban sconces with the vintage paintings is everything that I hoped for and I love dreaming of serene sailing trips.

After living with these nightstands for a few days, I really love how light and airy they are in the dark, low-light corner. Our previous nightstands seemed very clunky and things were always getting “lost” behind and underneath them. However, I do think that I will keep my eye out for a similar but taller option that is easier to reach when you are in bed.

Let me just tell you, getting dressed in the morning is so much easier now that I can see multiple angles of an outfit! It’s the little things, guys:)

On the dresser I have the giant leaf, lamp, diffuser, and jewelry tree all corralled on the marble pedestal tray and it makes my organizational heart happy.

True story, I hung the pictures with Command hooks annnnnd one of them came crashing down in the middle of taking pictures and scared me half to death!

Ahhhhh. So much better, if I do say so myself 🙂

Ok, go NOW to check out all of the other guest participants as well as the featured participants in the One Room Challenge!!! I was blown away on Wednesday when I checked out the reveals on the blogs that I already follow and I am excited to go through and see the rest of them.

One Week Challenge – Week 6 

It’s week 6 of The One Room Challenge! Previously, this was the final reveal week, but due to all of the natural disasters that have happened across the county we all get one more week!! i am so excited to show you the reveal next week. All that I have left to do is paint the mirrors and hang the sconces so here is a sneak iPhone peek:

This week I wanted to break down the purchases that I made and give you some tips on completing your own home makeovers, especially when you are on a budget.  

  1. Narrow down your inspiration. Start a private Pinterest board or even just an album on your phone with screenshots of things that you like. Look at it often and note what you like in each shot (as well as what you don’t like). You can even crop the picture to just show what you like so you aren’t distracted by looking at the rest of the photo. Months before starting on this room I had a private bedroom board where I pinned the rooms that were my inspiration and I would keep going back to it and adding and removing as my vision changed. 
  2. If possible, stagger out your payments/purchases so it is not a huge financial investment all at once. I tried to just get a few things each week. This also was motivation since I told myself that I couldn’t buy the nightstands until I finished the dresser and I didn’t start that until I had sheets. Don’t forget to account for shipping time and if you are buying something online, you may want to order that first to ensure that it arrives on time. In the Moody Teal Bedroom makeover, I bought the paint, then ordered the sconces, next I bought all of the sheets, next the dresser, then paint for the dresser, a few accessories, a vintage rug, nightstands, and then finally pillows. 
  3. Just start. Do something. Anything. The hardest part can sometimes be just starting so do anything! Each small step will give you the satisfaction to complete the next one and the next one. Also, if you are staggering out your purchases, the job won’t seem as large since you are completing a small section at a time. 
  4. Finally, be prepared for it not to look great until the entire project is complete. Sometimes, ANYTHING you do will be an improvement in a room. Other times it will get worse before it gets better. Hang in there and trust your vision:)

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One Week Challenge – Moody Teal Bedroom Week 5 

Hey guys! Man it’s be a doozy of a week! First let me leave you with my DIY flamingo Halloween costume, about the only thing that was accomplished this week. 

As for my room….I started selecting some marble accessories for the top of the dresser. 

I already had this marble lamp already from Target last year. 

It’s not being made but here are a few others that I like:

World Market


And I also got a marble tray to corral all the miscellaneous jazz that piles up on top of the dresser. 

Here are some similar ones:


World Market

All right folks! I’ll see you all next week. Go check out the rest of the amazon my guest participants in the One Room Challenge

One Room Challenge – Week 4 Lighting, Bedding, and Dresser Update

One Room Challenge – Week 4 Lighting, Bedding, and Dresser Update

I can’t believe that it is already week 4 of the One Room Challenge! There are only 3 weeks to the reveal (deadline extended a week due to all the natural disasters this fall) and I am feeling good. Just a reminder, here is the room when I started:


Annnnddd photoshopped final:

Not much has changed on the other side aside from the three non-teal walls getting a fresh coat of white paint. I went with as flat a finish as possible for the paint to try to minimize the wall texture as much as possible.

Here is everything that I accomplished this month:

  • Painted the accent wall teal
  • Painted the other three walls flat white
  • Bought (and received on Tuesday!!) these eyeball sconces
  • Bought fresh white sheets and pillow cases
  • Bought this pillow and teal cover

Still to do:

  • Hang sconces and do something with the white cord. Since this is a rental, I won’t be hardwiring so I need something to hide (or make fancy?) the cords. Any ideas?
  • Hang paintings.
  • Pick nightstands. The ones in my original mood board are too short since our bed is up pretty high and I hate having to lean over too far. I am thinking about these shelves instead.
  • Finish the dresser (see below).

So, originally I was on the hunt for an average wood dresser. But, low and behold, the thrifting gods bestowed upon me my dream dresser set. For YEARS I have been looking for a vintage campaign dresser but all of the ones that I found were crazy expensive and way out of my budget if I actually even found one in my area. But last weekend I went to a thrift store that I never bother with (it literally only sells the rejects from the thrift store next to it) and I fount IT:

A three drawer dresser, nine drawer dresser, two mirrors, and a desk!!!!! All with the original brass hardware for only $130!!!!!!!!!! There are not enough exclamation points to showcase my happiness!! I am in the process of painting everything a nice clean white and I’ll do a whole separate post on that next week.

Here’s an updated mood board:

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9

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One Eoom Challenge Week 3 – Affordable Bedside Sconces

Hey guys! Originally I was going to talk about bedding but I’ve already got that decided and since THERE ARE ONLY A FEW WEEKS LEFT in The One Room Challenge, I had a mini heart attack and realized I needed to decide on sconces to make sure they get here in time. My criteria is that they need to be plug in since it’s a rental and I can’t hardwire them and they both need to be less then $100. 

Here is my top choice. I have loved these eyeball sconces from Urban Outfitters for years. My only hesitation in choosing them is that I may want a more updated style? 

I also loved these gorgeous sconces from the new Project 52 line at Target. However, they keep selling out (currently in stock though!). 

My next fav is from Amazon and is an entirely different silhouette. Which I can’t decide if I want or if I just like it in other places.  I wanted the gold & silver which is now not in stock and the black won’t pop against the teal as much as I would like:( But it’s only $15!!!

This Ikea sconce is also on the perimeter of favorite options. 

This sconce is also an Amazon find and it’s slowly moving into my favorites!

And in a completely different style is this farmhouse style light from Walmart

What do you all think? Pleaseeeeee tell me your favs in the comments and help me decide! And then go check out all the other contributors:

One Room Challenge Week 2 – Choosing Paint Colors

Welcome to paint week! Since planning to do this makeover earlier in the summer, I knew that I wanted some shade of green. Hunter/evergreen was one of my top choices but I kept getting pulled back to my favorite color, teal. Let me tell you, I love all shades of teal. Especially including the light bright shade that I painted my entire room (ceiling included) when I was 16. However, I knew that I wanted this color to be featured in a much more minimal accent as well as in a more mature shade. This started my months long search for the perfect shade. I stared at endless paint chips:

And pinned tons of beautiful rooms.





In the end, I just walked into lowes and talked to the friendly Behr paint guy and picked this shade.

The back wall is painted and I’m in love! Buuutt I still have to repaint the other three walls a fresh white. Come back next week to see the finished walls and talk all about textiles.


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