Holy goodness! We made it to the end of the One Room Challenge It has been an interesting 7 weeks but, let me tell you, (as I cuddle my new fluffy pillows and stare adoringly at my teal wall), it has been totally worth it!!! I am so so happy that I finally finished the room that I spend 8+ hours a day in, but never got around to working on.

Just a reminder where we started:

Annnnd now:

The long white dresser made the biggest difference on that side of the room since instead of having a tall dark dresser and tv taking up the majority of the space, the low bright one has allowed for so much more visual (as well as storage) space.

The Urban sconces with the vintage paintings is everything that I hoped for and I love dreaming of serene sailing trips.

After living with these nightstands for a few days, I really love how light and airy they are in the dark, low-light corner. Our previous nightstands seemed very clunky and things were always getting “lost” behind and underneath them. However, I do think that I will keep my eye out for a similar but taller option that is easier to reach when you are in bed.

Let me just tell you, getting dressed in the morning is so much easier now that I can see multiple angles of an outfit! It’s the little things, guys:)

On the dresser I have the giant leaf, lamp, diffuser, and jewelry tree all corralled on the marble pedestal tray and it makes my organizational heart happy.

True story, I hung the pictures with Command hooks annnnnd one of them came crashing down in the middle of taking pictures and scared me half to death!

Ahhhhh. So much better, if I do say so myself 🙂

Ok, go NOW to check out all of the other guest participants as well as the featured participants in the One Room Challenge!!! I was blown away on Wednesday when I checked out the reveals on the blogs that I already follow and I am excited to go through and see the rest of them.