It’s week 6 of The One Room Challenge! Previously, this was the final reveal week, but due to all of the natural disasters that have happened across the county we all get one more week!! i am so excited to show you the reveal next week. All that I have left to do is paint the mirrors and hang the sconces so here is a sneak iPhone peek:

This week I wanted to break down the purchases that I made and give you some tips on completing your own home makeovers, especially when you are on a budget.  

  1. Narrow down your inspiration. Start a private Pinterest board or even just an album on your phone with screenshots of things that you like. Look at it often and note what you like in each shot (as well as what you don’t like). You can even crop the picture to just show what you like so you aren’t distracted by looking at the rest of the photo. Months before starting on this room I had a private bedroom board where I pinned the rooms that were my inspiration and I would keep going back to it and adding and removing as my vision changed. 
  2. If possible, stagger out your payments/purchases so it is not a huge financial investment all at once. I tried to just get a few things each week. This also was motivation since I told myself that I couldn’t buy the nightstands until I finished the dresser and I didn’t start that until I had sheets. Don’t forget to account for shipping time and if you are buying something online, you may want to order that first to ensure that it arrives on time. In the Moody Teal Bedroom makeover, I bought the paint, then ordered the sconces, next I bought all of the sheets, next the dresser, then paint for the dresser, a few accessories, a vintage rug, nightstands, and then finally pillows. 
  3. Just start. Do something. Anything. The hardest part can sometimes be just starting so do anything! Each small step will give you the satisfaction to complete the next one and the next one. Also, if you are staggering out your purchases, the job won’t seem as large since you are completing a small section at a time. 
  4. Finally, be prepared for it not to look great until the entire project is complete. Sometimes, ANYTHING you do will be an improvement in a room. Other times it will get worse before it gets better. Hang in there and trust your vision:)

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