I can’t believe that it is already week 4 of the One Room Challenge! There are only 3 weeks to the reveal (deadline extended a week due to all the natural disasters this fall) and I am feeling good. Just a reminder, here is the room when I started:


Annnnddd photoshopped final:

Not much has changed on the other side aside from the three non-teal walls getting a fresh coat of white paint. I went with as flat a finish as possible for the paint to try to minimize the wall texture as much as possible.

Here is everything that I accomplished this month:

  • Painted the accent wall teal
  • Painted the other three walls flat white
  • Bought (and received on Tuesday!!) these eyeball sconces
  • Bought fresh white sheets and pillow cases
  • Bought this pillow and teal cover

Still to do:

  • Hang sconces and do something with the white cord. Since this is a rental, I won’t be hardwiring so I need something to hide (or make fancy?) the cords. Any ideas?
  • Hang paintings.
  • Pick nightstands. The ones in my original mood board are too short since our bed is up pretty high and I hate having to lean over too far. I am thinking about these shelves instead.
  • Finish the dresser (see below).

So, originally I was on the hunt for an average wood dresser. But, low and behold, the thrifting gods bestowed upon me my dream dresser set. For YEARS I have been looking for a vintage campaign dresser but all of the ones that I found were crazy expensive and way out of my budget if I actually even found one in my area. But last weekend I went to a thrift store that I never bother with (it literally only sells the rejects from the thrift store next to it) and I fount IT:

A three drawer dresser, nine drawer dresser, two mirrors, and a desk!!!!! All with the original brass hardware for only $130!!!!!!!!!! There are not enough exclamation points to showcase my happiness!! I am in the process of painting everything a nice clean white and I’ll do a whole separate post on that next week.

Here’s an updated mood board:

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